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CIMAC British Open and BJJ stripes awarded

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On Sunday 28th April two of our Academy’s most senior fighters travelled to Birmingham to attend the CIMAC British Open. This prestigious national tournament draws competitors from all over Britain and has categories ranging from Children under 6 to Senior Adults sparring categories. Each CIMAC event is a chance for competitors to accrue points in the CIMAC Superleague table over the year and strive to win a CIMAC Grand Champion title. Guildford student Charlie Robinson has shown fantastic form with his efforts so far this year putting him in the lead for his division, the Junior/Intermediate men’s -70kg Continuous. He continued his winning streak to once again win the category in style. Academy owner Alex Kennedy fought in the men’s Advanced -80kg Continuous. It was a straight final against an experienced fighter and Kennedy won comfortably. Another triumphant day for the Guildford Academy of Martial Arts!

Congratulations also go to our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students Higo Gomez da Silva, Joe Gilmartin, Ross Milton and Nick Fielding, who all went down to Ivam Maciel’s Academy in Brighton over the weekend and were awarded their first stripes.Well done guys!


CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 4 Guildford

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On Saturday we had two of our fighters competing at Colosseum Sports' CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 4 at G Live, Guildford, an exciting event showcasing the best local talent in MMA, K1 and Boxing.

Joe Gilmartin is one of our finest up-and-coming young fighters and has been training hard for his MMA fight in this tournament. He started well with strong striking, landing some great shots. He quickly took his opponent to the ground and got straight into mount, worked the position and tapped him out with an arm bar - ending the fight in under 2 1/2 minutes. An impressive result!

Our MMA Instructor Dave Rintoul also competed, fighting in the K1. He faced a tough opponent who came forward very strongly. Nonetheless Dave won the first two rounds. In the final round his opponent's technique slipped and Dave took several illegal kicks and a knee to the groin which caused his performance to suffer. Unfortunately the referees failed to take this into consideration and the fight was given to his opponent by majority decision. It was a tough battle and Dave fought very well.

It was an exciting show and it was great to see so many of our MMA students come down to support. We look forward to the next CSMMA event! Future events will be listed here

Lil' Dragon Black Belt, Guildford Grading and CIMAC Superleague

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Guildford Academy Spring Grading

Saturday was Grading day at our Academy. Overall the standard was impressive, with some great improvements since the last Grading. There were a few students whose performance really stood out, and although it was a difficult decision, we awarded Grading of the Day to Bayan Muhsen and Ralph Coates (Lil’ Dragons), Miri Watson and Frankie Bevans (Kidz Zone) and Abi Townsend-Smith and Chris Northrop (Kids & Adults). Well done to everyone who took part and made it a really fantastic Grading day!

Lil’ Dragon Black Belt Graduation

On Saturday we also had Lil’ Dragons Oliver Jones, Evie Rand and Beth Kelly taking their Black Belt Grading at Cobham Academy. The Lil’ Dragon Black Belt is the highest grade that 4-6 year olds can reach and takes years of hard work and dedication. As usual the Guildford Lil’ Dragons were outstanding; both Oliver and Evie passed with grade A, and Beth was awarded an A*. We look forward to seeing these brilliant Lil’ Dragons moving up to Kidz Zone!



CIMAC Windsor - Sunday 17th March 2013


On Sunday was the first CIMAC Superleague event of 2013. Held at Windsor Leisure Centre, this respected National tournament had categories ranging from Tiny Tots Points Fighting for the under 6’s all the way to the Adults Open Belt Cash Challenge.


First up was Kai Northrop, following up an excellent grading on Saturday by competing in the -30kgs Boys Novice Points. This promising young fighter won his first two fights. He lost out in the semi-final against another very experienced fighter but won a close and tight 3rd place fight to take home a bronze medal.

 Competing for the very first time, we had Ben O'Callaghan fighting in the Boys’ Novice -34kgs Points. Although he lost out to a more experienced fighter, he fought very bravely and will have learnt a lot from the experience!


Isaac Mulligan’s fighting is really coming on leaps and bounds. This tough little fighter lost to the eventual winner of the -30kgs Boys’ Advanced Points in his first round so he didn’t have another chance to fight, but his movement and his reactions showed a vast improvement and made us proud!


Ernad Delic had the same experience as Isaac in the -42kgs Boys’ Advanced Points, being paired with the eventual winner in his first round. Ernad’s been out of the competition circuit for a while and we’re sure that with a little more practice he will be bringing home medals in no time at all.


Competing for the very first time, Max Riley fought in the -60kg Boys Novice Points. He lost his fist fight in the semi final but fought much better in the 3rd place fight off, which he won – taking home a bronze medal.


In the -60kgs Cadets Advanced Points, Junior C.I.T. Vaibhav Pant easily won his first two fights which took him through to the final. It was a very quick fight and it certainly seemed to our coach that the referee was scoring in his opponent’s favour! Vaibhav eventually lost by one point and took home a silver medal.


Charlie Robinson really showed us what he’s made of in the -70kg Men's Intermediate Light Continuous. He had four really tough rounds but won each fight clearly and got stronger with each fight, powering through to take home a gold medal!


In the +75kgs Men’s Intermediate Light Continuous, Daniel Hayles won his first two fights with exemplary use of his kicks. He lost the semi final to Kevon from Croydon in what was a very close fight, but went on to win his 3rd place fight off comfortably.


It was an exciting tournament and great to see some of our hardworking students entering into competition for the first time. Well done to everyone who competed and came down to support!





Irish Open - 1-3 March 2013

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On the 1st of March the Guildford Academy of Martial Arts took some of our fight team (Guildford Predatorz) to the Irish Open held at Citywest Resort in Dublin. The Irish Open is the biggest Kickboxing Tournament in the world, with around 2,500 fighters coming from all over the globe to participate.


Junior Instructor Brendan Martin fought in the -74 kg Advanced Men’s Light Continuous and the Intermediate Men’s -80kg Points Fighting division. In the first round of his Light Continuous section, he faced a tough opponent who represents the Irish National Team. It was a good close fight and although his opponent eventually won, he was only a few points in the lead. In his points category, Brendan clearly won his first fight, but lost out to a more experienced fighter in his second round. Once again Brendan showed the he has all the makings of a future champion.


Charlie Robinson also stepped up to the advanced category this time around. He competed in the men’s -69kg Light Continuous where he showed how much he has come on in recent weeks, winning his first fight and only losing his second fight after an impressive battle with the eventual winner of the category. He also competed in the -70kg Intermediate Points where he lost to a more experienced points fighter. Charlie certainly proved what a class act he is turning in to and we can expect great things from him!


Helen Milne competed in the -60kg, -65kg and open weight Ladies Advanced Points categories. The standard was fantastic this year and unfortunately Helen started each of her fights a little slow, and although in each case she fought hard and regained a lot of ground, it wasn’t quite enough to take her through to the next round. However she has shown that when she gets going she is a match for most on the circuit now.


In the -28kg girls Points, we had Meghan Milne also taking on the advanced category, where she won her first fight in impressive style, taking her through to the semi final. There she faced an older, more experienced girl and lost out, taking bronze – no small achievement considering that Meghan at 22kg is significantly lighter than many of the girls she faced, as well as being one of the youngest. We expect great things from this strong little fighter!


Cameron Milne faced a very experienced fighter in the boys advanced -42kg Points. He fought brilliantly and showed great improvement from recent tournaments. If he carries on from this point we will definitely start seeing him on the podiums!


Andy Martin fighting at the Irish open for the first time showed great courage to fight in 3 sections, including the Men’s Advanced Continuous as he still relatively new to competition and this being only his 3 competition proper. In the -94kg Light continuous he faced a fighter from the WAKO national team and although put a brave fight, lost in that round. He also competed in the +80 Advanced Men’s Vets Points fighting, where again lost to a more experienced fighter in the first round but in the +80kg Intermediates, he did extremely well to win his first 2 fights comfortably and only lost in the quarter finals to a more experienced fighter. Overall he did fantastic and showed great character to put himself forward for such tough categories!


In the -57kg and -63kg Advanced Cadets (16yrs-18yrs) Points fighting, we had Vaibhav Pant competing in both sections. After winning the WAKO British Championships two weeks before, it did seem that this young up and coming and extremely promising fighter put to much pressure on himself and found it tough going. He won his first fight in the -57kg, but lost in the second in a narrow contest, and also lost out in the -63kgs to an excellent fighter. However, this was a very good experience for Vai, he is definetly one to watch out for and we know he will be even better next year!


Finally Alex Kennedy, Chief Instructor, competed in the -79kg Advanced Men’s Light Continuous. In the first round he had a great battle with a tough fighter from Austria and after a strong finish took the fight. In the second round he came up against another aggressive fighter from Ireland and after a hard first round came through strong at the end again to win. In the semi final he came up against a former winner of the Irish Open and after 2 close rounds it was a draw but the fight was given to his opponent on a count back system. Although disappointed not to win, Alex was pleased to be amongst the medalists in such a tough tournament.  



BJJ Seminar with Ivam Maciel - Sunday 24th February 2013

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Last Sunday, BJJ Black Belt Ivam Maciel held his first seminar at our Academy. Our current BJJ instructor, Justin McGibon, trains under Ivam and this seminar was a great opportunity for our students to take advantage of Ivam's expertise. It was a two hour class and the standard from all of the students was excellent. Hopefully Ivam will be holding another seminar sometime soon so keep checking the website for updates! Remember if you'd like to try out BJJ with us, just give us a call on 01483 568 455 to book a free trial session.

WAKO British Open, Birmingham 16th-17th February 2013

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Last weekend was the WAKO British Open in Birmingham. It’s a prestigious two-day national tournament which is also an important qualifier for the Wako British Championships 2013. On Saturday were the Kick Light and Light Contact categories, and we had Academy owner Alex Kennedy competing in the men’s -79kg Light Contact. In his first round, he faced last year’s Silver Medallist who is a tough and very determined fighter. After a frantic two rounds of fighting, Alex won a close contest. In the next round, Alex beat a less experienced fighter from Bristol comfortably, in the Semi Final he came up against a former pro boxer but again won comfortably with superior Kicking and movement. In the final Alex came up against a former WAKO British Champion and after close first round it seemed that he had clearly won the second round and the fight but unfortunately the split decision went against him. However, Silver was a very commendable result from a very strong category.


On Sunday were the Points Fighting, Full Contact and Musical Forms categories. Cameron and Meghan Milne both competed in the open belt points categories, Cameron in the boys-42kg and Meghan in the -28kg girls. The standard at the tournament was very high and both stepped up to the challenge and fought gamely. Although they narrowly lost out, both showed fantastic heart and will have learnt a lot from the experience!


Vaibhav Pant competed in the -63kg Junior (16-18) points fighting. This promising young fighter is really going from strength to strength. In the semi-final he came up against a very leggy fighter but Vaibhav matched him for kicks and used his superior speed and timing to win comfortably. In the final he came up against a very experienced and tough fighter from the notorious TKA gym. After a fast and furious first round Vaibhav was up 4 points to 3. In the next round, his opponent brought it back to 4-4 but Vaibhav then took the lead again. However, during the next exchange his opponent delivered an illegal technique after the referee had called stop, leading to his disqualification which was a shame as it was shaping up to a fantastic fight. Although it wasn’t exactly how he wanted it, this made Vaibhav the WAKO British Champion for his category!


Helen Milne competed in the -60kg ladies points. In her first round she was a few points down, but clawed her way back to draw at the end of the second fight. Unfortunately she eventually lost out in extra time. She also entered the -65kg ladies veterans. She faced a very experienced competitor in her first fight, but fought smart and won by a few clear points. She totally dominated in her second fight, winning 10-clear. This took her through to the final, where she fought and drew two very tense, very close rounds! She fought brilliantly but eventually lost out by one point in extra time.


All in all our fighters showed some great skill and determination and have certainly learnt a lot from the experience. Congratulations to everyone who fought at the WAKOs!



MMA Instructor Dominates in First Boxing Competition

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The Academy's MMA instructor Dave Rintoul competed in a boxing match over the weekend. Although he is a seasoned fighter in both K1 and MMA, it was Dave's debut in pure boxing competition. The competition consisted of five rounds and Dave fought for a southern area title.

Dave quickly showed that he is a force to be reckoned with in boxing as well as in MMA; he completely dominated and won all five of his fights. He showed real class and skill and took the belt by unanimous decision, a fantastic result for his boxing debut!

If you're interested in training with this skilled and experienced fighter, why not come down for a free trial session of one of his classes? Dave teaches the MMA on Mondays and Wednesdays 8-9:30pm, Thai Boxing on Saturdays from 1-2pm and No Gi Jiu Jitsu on Saturdays 2-3pm. Simply give us a call on 01483 568 455 for more information or to book a free trial session.

GBMAA Interclub - Sunday 3rd February 2013

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The first GBMAA Interclub of the year took place on Sunday at Chessington Sports Centre. We had a number of regular competitors there as well as one or two people competing for their very first time! The day kicked off with a Kids’ team event in which we had Meghan Milne in -120cm, Kai Northrop in -130cm, Ben Calvert in -140cm, Isaac Mulligan stepping up a category to fight in -150cm and Cameron Milne in -160cm. It was an exciting new event in which the Guildford Predatorz fought brilliantly and were in the lead most of the way before eventually losing out to Cobham 42:41! A special mention goes to Isaac for bravely taking on a very accomplished and much taller fighter!


The first individual category of the day was the girls -120cm Points, where the fearsome Meghan Milne landed some very intimidating blitzes and well-timed head kicks. She won her first fight 5-10 and totally dominated her second, winning 8-10 to take 1st place in the category! Later in the day Meghan challenged herself by entering the girls -130cm category as well, where she was by far the smallest fighter and despite some amazing blitzes, she took some hard knocks and lost her first two fights. Not one to give up easily, Meghan fought determinedly and her 3rd fight was very close but she managed to win it, and won her 4th fight with the use of very strong defence, taking a hard-earned 3rd place.


Kai Northrop competed in the Boys Juniors -130cm points, winning his first fight with very sharp blitzes. In his second fight he faced a very strong kicker and used well-timed defence to win the fight. In the final he faced an opponent with amazing kicks and great reach; he fought hard and eventually lost 3-6 to take 2nd place.


In the Boys Seniors -140cm, we had Ben Calvert and Isaac Mulligan. Ben showed great improvement with very effective countering and won his first fight. Isaac was a little daunted by the challenging fight he’d had earlier and it cost him his first fight, but in his second he faced Ben and the two of them were incredibly closely matched, eventually drawing 8-8. Isaac went on to win his 3rd fight in great style and Ben ended up taking 3rd place for the category of 9 fighters.


Cameron Milne showed that he is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the boys -160cm Points. He faced a very skilled fighter in his first fight, and demonstrated good, careful movement and great reactions. He landed an awesome head kick and only narrowly lost out. He won his 2nd, 3rd and 4th fights, using superior timing to defeat the reach of taller opponents. In the final he faced an excellent fighter and put up a great fight, narrowly losing 4:7. He also entered the boys -150cm points, where he won his first fight 9-14, coming forward very strongly, and also won his 2nd with very intimidating kicks. Eventually the exertion of the day’s previous fights started to tell and tiredness very narrowly cost him the next two fights. A great improvement for Cameron!


In the Adults sections, we had newcomer Duncan Fisher competing for the very first time! He’s only been on the advanced programme for less than two months, and lack of experience was his only fault. Duncan showed excellent reactions, strong strikes and great focus. He lost his first fight by only one point, but came back to win his 2nd and took second place – a fantastic result for his very first tournament!


In the men’s Juniors -70kg Points, up-and-coming fighter Chris Northrop showed that he is quickly becoming an excellent fighter. His first fight was incredibly close and the two fighters matched each other point for point, before Chris eventually lost out by a single point. In his second fight he showed great timing and quick blitzes and won 9-3. He warmed up still more in his 3rd fight, which he won, and totally dominated his 4th fight winning 11-1. He carried on his winning streak to the final, where he won 9-6 and took home 1st place!


Peter Norton and Charlie Robinson faced each other in the men’s -70kg Light Continuous in a straight final. Pete showed great fitness and determination, raining blows relentlessly, and forcing Charlie to work hard at keeping his distance. Charlie kept it technical, and his quick reactions kept him out of reach enough to take home 1st place.


Brendan Martin also found himself in a straight final in the men’s -80kg Light Continuous. He faced an older opponent from Holistic Fitness who looked very experienced and kept Brendan on his toes in the first of the 1.5 minute rounds. In the second round, Brendan’s great head movement and effective hand and leg combinations kept him comfortably in the lead and he went on to take 1st place.


Both Brendan and Charlie took part in the Men’s Intermediate -75kg Points as well. Brendan looked promising in his first fight, proving hard to hit and striking hard and fast. In his next two fights, however, his lack of Points training showed and he narrowly lost to more experienced fighters. Charlie had a similar result; he faced a very quick opponent in his first fight, which he drew. He had one more fight which he lost 9-13 but landed a beautiful spinning kick to the head in the last second!


Highlight of the day has to be Helen Milne. As well as supporting Meghan and Cameron through their numerous categories, she competed in both the Ladies -60kg Light Contact and the Ladies Senior Points. First was Light Contact, in which she less experienced and found a serious challenge. In her first fight she used very quick hands against a hard-hitting opponent, but her lack of experience with Continuous meant that she gave away some ground and took some hard knocks. She faced the impressive Izzy Carroll in her second fight and exchanged a relentless flurry of blows, narrowly losing to take 3rd place. After her first round and taking some very solid blows to the head, Helen was feeling unwell and deliberated calling it a day instead of taking part in the Ladies Senior Points. Eventually she agreed to give it a go. She drew her first fight and lost her second 8-5. In her 3rd fight she suddenly found her determination and fought hard to narrowly win, taking her through to the final, where she faced Izzy Carroll once again. It was a very tense fight with both ladies incredibly focused and split second reactions making the difference between win and lose. In the end, Helen pulled through and won the fight, taking home first place.


Well done to everyone who came down and fought or supported our fighters! It was a great start to the year and we look forward to seeing even more of our students taking part at the next Interclub on Sunday 26th May!



Watford Open Nationals, Hemel Hempstead - Sunday 27.1.13

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On Sunday the Guildford Predatorz went to the Watford Open Nationals, a prestigious National tournament with Semi and Light categories, Forms, weapons and team events.


The first fighter of the day was Cameron Milne, who came up against a black belt in his first fight. Although he lost out, it was a brave display and with some more experience in this category we’re sure he will soon start to see some great results.


Meghan Milne fought in the -120cm points and was absolutely amazing! It was a mixed category with boys and girls together. Meghan powered through, winning four rounds and getting through to the final, where she faced a very tough boy. It was a fantastic fight and Meghan held her own, only losing out eventually in sudden death – a fantastic effort from this promising young fighter.


Helen Milne competed in the Ladies Seniors -60kg Points. She won her first fight against a very good fighter, making it through to the semi finals where she faced the very experienced multi world champion, Ashleigh Brace. In the 3rd place fight-off she fought a woman who represents Wako GB. She fought valiantly but unfortunately lost out by one point in the last few seconds.


Fighting for the first time in a national tournament, Chris Northrop competed in the Novice Points where he did brilliantly. He showed a great improvement and went on to win the category. He also entered the Continuous category, fighting hard and making it through to the semi-final, which was a split decision and he was unlucky not to win. He lost out in the 3rd place fight-off, mainly due to tiredness from his earlier triumphs!


Competing in the men’s -70kg Light Continuous (coloured belts), we had C.I.T.s Charlie Robinson and Vaibhav Pant. Charlie fought well, but faced one of the best fighters of the category, who he narrowly lost to. In the same category, Vaibhav won his first round in style. In the semi final he lost out to a much heavier opponent and took some very hard shots, but showed fantastic heart.

Vaibhav also competed in the Men’s -65kg Advanced Points, where he really came into his own. He won his first round easily. Next he faced a very accomplished points fighter who had flown in from Italy especially for the event, and went on to win the category. Vaibhav fought hard but eventually lost 7-3.


Junior Instructor Brendan Martin competed in the Men’s Light Continuous. After a triumphant 2012, he moved up to the Men’s Seniors Light Continuous for the first time. Unfortunately his lack of experience meant that he lost in his first round, but he landed some good shots and showed excellent promise that he will do well in this category in the future.


Finally, Academy owner Alex Kennedy fought in the -80kg men’s Light Continuous. He won his first fight comfortably and made it through to the Semi Final. He fought an epic battle against a very experienced fighter, narrowly losing out, but he went on to win his 3rd place fight-off very easily.

GBMAA Graduation and Fight Show - Sunday 16.12.12

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Last Sunday was the GBMAA Graduation and Fight show, a yearly event to showcase the talent and hard work from the last year, and a chance for all the students of the GBMAA to complete the year’s final grading with the founder of the GBMAA, Master Curtis Page.

The overall standard of the Graduation was very high! In the Lil’ Dragons section we had Alex Bill, one of Guildford’s most impressive Lil Dragons, who delivered a very strong form and showed brilliant focus as he sailed through a triple grading to earn his Green belt. In the Kids’ section we had Ernad and Lejla Delic representing Guildford. Ernad started on the Lil’ Dragons programme many years ago and his years of hard work saw him sail through his Blue belt grading. His sister Lejla only started Kickboxing recently but she has shown the same natural aptitude as her brother and gave an exemplary performance for her Yellow/Black grading. In the Adults section, newcomer Hristo Georgiev gave a very solid grading for his Red belt. Senior Instructor Jordan Heasman took part in the CIT grading for his Brown/Black belt – the penultimate grade in Kickboxing – and as usual performed fantastically with strong, accurate techniques.

In the evening we had the opportunity to see some of the finest fighters of the GBMAA show off their skills and battle for victory. First up we had Isaac Mulligan in a Semi Contact fight and point scoring display. Isaac is one of our strongest younger fighters and despite being only 8 years old, is already beginning to make his mark on the competitive circuit. His original opponent was ill, so Isaac was paired with a more experienced fighter. Isaac delivered some very quick attacks, but eventually his opponent’s good use of lateral movement gave her the upper hand. It was a very impressive display of skill from both fighters!

Next up, Junior CIT Saffron Exton faced Stevie from Watford Freestyle for three rounds of Light Contact. Saffron exercised great control of space and picked her shots very well, counter fighting carefully. Her opponent was more aggressive, however Saffron’s clever movement and strong stopping techniques had her starting to dominate in the second round. Unfortunately before the end of the fight, Saffron was forced to withdraw due to he effects of a recent illness.

The Team Events came next, with the cream of the GBMAA Predatorz facing the Fighting Falcons of Andover for several furious bouts of Semi Contact (Points) fighting. We saw some ferocious rounds from the female competitors and some stand-out performances from the Predatorz team who came out on top.

Next up was a Men’s Semi Contact fight between one of our most promising fighters of the year, Vaibhav Pant, and Cobham’s Chris Meade. Vaibhav showed off his characteristic explosive forward movement, picking almost effortless points. At first he struggled to get past Chris’s quick hands and was caught with a few silly mistakes, but as soon as he started using his legs, the fight was his. He landed multiple head kicks, a fantastic axe kick and jumping away back kicks and the final score was 17:25 to Vaibhav.

Junior instructor Brendan Martin faced Kevon from Croydon in a men’s Light Contact Fight. It’s been a triumphant year for Mr Martin on the competition circuit, but sadly he was struggling with asthma and was not on his best form this time. It was a tentative first round with both fighters finding their feet. Brendan seemed a little sluggish but fought hard, taking and delivering some hard shots. Both fighters showed exemplary head movement. The second round saw a step up in pace, Brendan showing off some beautifully timed shots with good connection. It was a split decision but Kevon’s higher work rate against Brendan having to hold back gave him the judges’ decision.

Up next was senior CIT Helen Milne fighting Tatiana from Holistic Martial Arts in two rounds of Light Contact. It began with a furious exchange of blows, more dynamic than technical, as both fighters are more accustomed to fighting Semi Contact. Round 2 was a very high tempo, with Tatiana definitely trying to push the fight, but time after time she was picked off by Helen’s lightning-fast counter fighting. It was very close and by the end of the second round the judges’ decision was inconclusive, taking the fight into an unplanned third round. Once more, Tatiana started aggressively but this time her relentless attacking had taken its toll and she quickly gassed out. It was a close round but eventually Helen triumphed and took the unanimous decision for First place.

Finally, we had Academy owner Alex Kennedy fighting Ed Lofts in a Light Contact Title Fight of three two-minute rounds. The first round was a very measured start with both fighters sizing the other up, and using a good mix of hands and legs. Round 2 showed some furious hand combinations and Alex managed some good sweeps, using the ring to his advantage and bouncing off the ropes to return with furious attacks. Round 3 saw a step up in pace with both fighters going head to head and some tight clinches. Ed Lofts gradually edged into the lead with some strong punches and emerged victorious, but it was an excellent display from both fighters!

It was a fitting end to the year, with some fantastic fights complete with drama and excitement. This year was probably the strongest the Guildford fighting team has ever been, with superb performances and phenomenal improvements from so many of our guys and girls. We are already looking forward to the excitements and triumphs to come in 2013!