Fighting Team And Fund

Guildford Predatorz Fighting Team, Fighters Fund & Sponsorship

As with any Martial Arts club, you’d expect to have some of its students competing and we are no different! Virtually all of our instructors compete on a regular basis and now so do many of our students. To give us more pride and presence we have formed our fighting teams – the Guildford Predatorz and the Guildford Predatorz Elite. Our fighters compete all over the country and even at some international events, we have National Champions, European Champions and even World Champions at our Academy and even more across our association.

As our sports are generally amateur there is little in the way of funding, meaning we have to pay to train, compete and travel to competitions. We have created a fighters fund which will hopefully go towards helping our fighting team deal with these costs. With the money that is raised, we will supply the Guildford Predatorz fighting suit at no cost to the team member, and those who are part of the Elite squad will have their entry fees and in some cases travel and accommodation paid for. The reason this is reserved for the Elite team is that as a member of the Elite team they have shown the required level of dedication and commitment to deserve as much help as we can offer. We will be putting on events, seminars and squad trainings and instead of fees we will be asking for donations which will go straight in to the fighters fund and the money raised only used for the fighters. If anyone would like to make a donation, please drop it in to the academy and it will be gratefully received.

We are also offering the opportunity for companies to sponsor our fighting teams, either from the Guildford Academy or all the Academies across the GBMAA (which includes Cobham, Espom & Leatherhead and Croydon). In return for sponsorship we can offer the chance to add your logo on to the fighting suits of one of the best competitive fighting teams in the country, exposure at national and international events, possible corporate training days, discounted and/or free corporate memberships, etc all depending on the size of sponsorship. If you or your company are interested in this, please give us a call on 01483 568455.