Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it dangerous?

A. Not at all. All of our Instructors are fully qualified and our classes have been specially designed to provide the highest quality training at the lowest possible risk.

Beginners, especially, have no need to worry, as all Beginners classes are non-contact.

In addition, as part of our Health & Safety policy, all of our Instructors are First Aid trained.

Q. What will I need for my first free class?

A. You will need:

A bottle of water
Loose fitted clothing (e.g. t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms)
A method of payment – For if you decide to join!
You will not need:

A uniform (all of our courses include the cost of a uniform)
Trainers (our training area is fully matted)
Any kind of fitness (everything can be taken at your own pace)
Any kind of experience (you will be with your own instructor)

Q. Will I have to fight people?

A. Not if you don’t want to! Our beginners programmes are all non-contact, to ensure that no one begins to spar before we are confident that they have full control of what they are doing, or before they are confident in their technical ability. Even then, some of our members choose not to spar and instead make the most of our padwork and drills classes or try out another style, such as Wing Chun Kung Fu. All Kickboxing sparring is light or semi contact and uses full protective equipmentincluding Head Guard, Gumshield, Gloves, Foot Guards and Shin Pads.

If sparring is what you’re interested in, we offer two kickboxing sparring classes every week, open mat sparring for Kickboxing, Kung Fu and MMA, MMA sparring in classes, a fight cage and regular Interclub and National competitions.

Q. Isn’t Martial Arts just for kids/men/women/sporty people/people who need to lose weight?

A. Believe it or not, we come across this kind of misconception a lot.

The truth is that Martial Arts is for all of these people and more!

One of the best things about Martial Arts training is that anyone can do it to their own desired standard and still consider themselves to be a success!

Even with some of the highest standards in the world, we pride ourselves on NOT having an “elitist” policy, so whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for, you are more than welcome to join the world-wide family that is the Martial Arts.

Q. You seem to be doing really well in competitions. What about people who are just looking to get fit?

A. The GBMAA has something for everyone. Our wide range of programmes and courses give you plenty of opportunities to do more than just learn Martial Arts, Kickboxing or Self-Defence.

So, whether you’re looking to lose some weight, meet new friends, improve your confidence or even if you do have dreams of becoming a World Champion, there’s something here for you.