CIT Course

Certified Instructors Training / Elite Programme

Our C.I.T./ Elite Programme is a complete package designed for people who are looking for a higher level of involvement in Martial Arts. Initially designed as an intensive instructor training course for those interested in learning how to teach and run an academy, the Guildford C.I.T. course is also available for students interested in the additional classes, higher level of training and lifetime membership.

The C.I.T. programme includes lifetime membership of all of our Martial Arts classes: Kickboxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Ladies’ Kickboxing. There are three extra classes at Guildford each week exclusively for adult C.I.T.s and one for children. Students on the C.I.T. programme are also welcome to train for free at all other academies of the GBMAA, and at squad trainings run by some of the GBMAA’s leading instructors including Master Page (founder of the GBMAA). The C.I.T. programme also includes gym membership at the Guildford Academy for no additional cost.

The C.I.T. course also provides a fantastic opportunity for students with aspirations of becoming an instructor themselves or even of running their own academy. Students will have to opportunity to attend training run by Master Page, and learn skills including:

  • Running a successful academy; recruiting, booking, teaching introductory classes, signing up students 
  • Teaching different age groups such as the Lil’ Dragons, Kidz Zone, Kids and Adults Kickboxing
  • How to take a warmup and stretch and teach basic techniques – this in turn can be greatly beneficial to the training of the C.I.T. students themselves. 
  • Students will also have the opportunity to attend First Aid and Child Protection courses
  • Some C.I.T. students also move forward into part- or full-time employment by the Guildford Academy of Martial Arts or other academies of the GBMAA. 

C.I.T. Training Classes at the Guildford Academy of Martial Arts: 

Monday 6pm-7pm: Pad Work
Tuesday 6pm-7pm: Advanced Kicking
Wednesday 8pm-9.30pm: Conditioning and Competition Prep
Friday 1pm-2pm: Technical, drills and sparring