Northants Open & Brian Dosset’s K1 and MMA Show – Sunday 30th June 2013

On Sunday the Guildford Predatorz went to the Northants Open Kickboxing Tournament in Wellingborough.

First up was Isaac Mulligan, competing in the -145cm intermediate points. We have recently welcomed Isaac onto the Academy’s CIT programme and he has been fighting excellently recently. He came up against a good fighter in the first round and although he lost it was very close and he was unlucky to not have a couple of points go his way. However, he fought very well and once again showed how well he has come on in recent weeks.

Hristo Georgiev, competing in the +80kg light continuous junior/intermediate category, earned himself a new nickname at the tournament – H-Bomb. He

faced a heavy opponent and took some hard shots – before landed a blinding rear hand hook which floored his opponent and unfortunately led to him being disqualified for contact.

Junior Instructor Vaibhav Pant came up against a very tall opponent in the -70kg Advanced Points, and beat him with greater timing and quicker reactions. In the semi-final, he faced a member of the Top Ten UK team and after a thrilling and tight contest he won 6 points to 5. In the final he came up against a very experienced competitor and after some initial exchanges he had to withdraw after taking a heavy knock. However, it was once again another fantastic display from this excellent your fighter.

Instructor Brendan Martin once again showed what a fantastic continuous fighter he is becoming by dominating his two opponents in his division, the -80kg Advanced Light Continuous, taking a fantastic first place in the Advanced division.

Student Max Riley competed in the +160cm Novice Points. He showed great improvement, winning his first fight and losing narrowly to a slightly more experienced opponent. He also competed in the +160cm Light Continuous, again showing great improvement, and was unlucky to lose in the 3rd place fight off.

-70kg intermediate points + junior intermediate light con Up-and-coming student Chris Northrop stepped up to the intermediate -70kg Points and although he performed well, nerves got the better of him and he lost his initial fight. This was also the case in the Continuous section, however he showed some very skilful attacks and counters and the experience will have done him good and he is showing great improvement!

Also on Sunday was Brian Dosset’s latest K1 and MMA show in Weybridge. MMA student Joe Gilmartin fought K1 and dominated his opponent in the first round. In the 2nd round his opponent started to push Joe more and there were some great exchanges but Joe landed a fantastic switch round kick which ended the fight.

MMA coach Terry Valler fought MMA on the show, he dominated both rounds showing superior grapping and ground work finishing his opponent in round 2 by rear naked choke. A great weekend for the Guildford Predatorz!

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