Beginners Kickboxing

Carefully designed to lay down the foundations upon which students can build their advanced techniques, the Beginners Kickboxing Course covers the core skills of the Martial Arts including technique, strength, agility, flexibility and discipline.

Whether you’re new to the Martial Arts, a kickboxing beginner, from a non-GBMAA club and wanting to start fresh on our syllabus, or if you trained some years ago and would like a refresher course and fitness boost, this is the program for you.

The program consists of basic, non-contact Martial Arts/Kickboxing, basic Self-Defence, a Physical Conditioning Programme and a Grading system.

Advanced Kickboxing

Our Advanced course is designed for students to take their training to the next level. It teaches the whole kickboxing syllabus all the way up to Black Belt and offers a higher intensity, sport specific fitness programme.

Classes involve a mixture of techniques, pad work, drills (partner work) and fitness. The course also includes additional sparring classes; test your endurance with the high-intensity Light Continuous Class and hone your speed and reactions with the Points Fighting Class.

For those looking to compete, this course will give you everything you need in order to start making a name for yourself on the Sport Martial Arts circuit.